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POSSE Worcester – Day 2: Hacking

June 9, 2010

Walter Bender from SugarLabs explained the source code of Abacus activity in the Sugar Labs git repository. I have not coded in Python before, and here I had the chance of giving it a try. The task was to add a Decimal abacus to the existing list of seven abacus tools. I modified two files to do that by copying, pasting, and making minor changes to existing code. Having Kristina by my side was a big help. I have also learned about Sugar version control on gitorious.

Mel explained the requirements a Sugar activity must meet in order to be added to a Sugar on a Stick release. To facilitate the formation of teams for the second day deliverables, each of us chose to contribute work pertaining to one ore more of the activity requirements. Mel, Walter, and Peter Robinson have divided same requirements among themselves. I am on a team with Kristina for packaging an activity, with Peter Frohlick for activity translation, and with Aparna for making a case for the activity’s pedagogical purpose.
The activity chosen for our project is Measure.

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