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POSSE Worcester – Day 3: It’s development time!

June 12, 2010

(going back in time as I try to catch up with blogging about the amazing time I had at POSSE Worcester).

Tasks of the day: hack, translate, package, and evaluate pedagogical purpose of Measure activity.

We created a clone repository for Measure. Gary and I tackled a new defect in Measure that is ticketed 1911. The problem we found is that no timing is implemented when sound sampling is chosen for 30 seconds, 1 minute, and so on. The combo box and sampling button had confusing labels and tool tips. Gary made changes in sound-toolbar.py file to rename them and toggle the sampling button tooltip name with start or stop sampling. The correct timing task is left for tomorrow.

I learned about translation in SugarLabs and did some translation for Measure. I first located measure_activity.po file in Honey and use the web interface to translate 39 of the existing 41 strings. I must have omitted to hit the commit button for two of the strings. To type Romanian characters, I used this little tool.

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