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POSSE Worcester: Day 4 – And more development

June 13, 2010

Fedora on a stick with persistent overlay and other persistent-wise features (or live USB) has been a challenge. That’s something future POSSE will need to have solved. A pre-POSSE set of activities should involve participants in getting ready. Creating a live usb could be such a preliminary activity.

We had a very informative discussion on infrastructure and students’ involvement with an open source infrastructure in support of teaching and learning open source. Heidi shared her experience with the Software for Humanity (SoftHum) project and similar efforts (see www.xcitegroup.org). The final list of infrastructure tools included: source version control, bug trackers, IRC channels with bots, wikis, planets, blogs, lists, hosting, VNC server, codepad.org, pastebin.org, doodle, piratepad.net.

P.S. POSSE Worcester folks are real, walk, eat, drink beer, and have fun!

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